Developing a new
visual identity

A completely new visual designs across web, user interface, digital marketing and illustration were developed to show a refreshing launch of a new digital product at BrickX.





Work areas

Web • User Interface • Illustration

Laying down the foundation

With a new brand identity developed by an external agency, I laid out foundational design elements that could be used across different media. This mainly included creating a typographic system, colour schema, user interface elements , illustration styles and icons.

Web & UI designs

The design elements developed above have been applied to create the new user interfaces. The main goal here was to create a clean and easy to understand designs while maintaining a visual consistency across the site and difference devices.

Mobile first responsive design

Having a majority of website traffic through mobile devices, almost all designs were planned and designed with the mobile-first approach.

Designing for larger screens

It was also important not to ignore the user demand on desktop given that investors also use the BrickX trading platform on a larger screens like tablet and desktop.

Illustrating the brand

A new illustration style was set to give a soft and friendly touch to the brand. Based on the style, number of illustrations were made and used across web, UI and digital marketing.