Mcdonald's Saudi Arabia

Revamping the
customer experience

An extensive suite of digital content was designed and developed for McDonald's Saudi Arabia. The project included two major parts - indoor menuboards and outdoor menuboards.


Mcdonald's Saudi Araiba



Work areas

Digital • Animation

Creating indoor designs

The design style was chosen in line with the global guideline and two different themes were made to represent different times of the day.

Breakfast menu

The breakfast menus were set on a light background to represent the bright sun and light menus in the morning.

Lunch & Dinner Menu

On the other hand, the lunch and dinner menus were set on a dark background to show a strong contrast from the breakfast. With this contrast, customers can better recognise the different menu offerings from the breakfast menus.

Adding animation

One of the most powerful features of digital content was creating animation. A set of subtle
but realistic animations was added to the menu in order to make it look more interesting and fun.

Coke fizz animation Coffee steam animation Happymeal smile animation

Creating drive-thru designs

Given the nature of drive-thru and customer behaviour, we decided to strip out non-core items and only show core items that could generate better sales. With more negative space and bigger images, it improved the readability of the menu and of course it looked much better.


Initially, this suite of designs was created as part of a trial project where McDonald’s Saudi Arabia ran a trial of using digital menuboards and a content management system called Switchboard. At the end of the trial, they decided to roll out the digital menuboard at a national level.