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In order to promote the business in line with the brand identity, promotional assets were designed and further adapted to different formats to be used on various marketing channels - social media, display ads, EDMs and print.


Mercedes Benz North Shore



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Digital marketing design

Chinese New Year

Given the client’s customer base has a large number of Asian demographics, we have prepared a suite of digital marketing assets to market a special promotion for Chinese New Year and appeal to those demographics.

Preparing the campaign image

The main campaign image was composited with the photos of the car models and a background that visually represents Chinese New Year.

For this to be used as a lead campaign image it had to have a strong visual impact. So a red colour was chosen as a main theme colour to catch attention. Fireworks and full moon were added to make it look more relevant and festive.

The more the better

Additional images were created to complement the main campaign image. A relatively calm visual style was used to create a balance between the main image and these support images, but still along with design elements that can represent and reinforce the theme of Chinese New Year.

CNY Campaign additional image 1 CNY Campaign additional image 2

Tyre service promo campaign

The client wanted to develop a creative asset for a tyre service promotion. Unlike other campaigns where a certain range of car models was promoted, the challenge here was to create a visual communication where it doesn’t have a specific association with specific car models as this promotion was applicable to all.

Preparing the campaign image

The goal of the visual communication was to convey a message that Mercedes Benz’s tyre service is reliable and excellent. In that regard, an image was composited to show a robust and reliable tyre road that leads its way to Sydney across a harsh outback environment.